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Synopsis of 55

One a scorching day in Western Australia, a man named Gabriel stumbles into the remote police station in Wilbrook. He is badly injured, covered in dust and dried blood. He has fought his way through the surrounding wilderness to escape a man named Heath.

Heath drugged Gabriel, took him to a cabin in the mountains and tied him up. He told him that he would be his 55 th victim. Heath is dangerous. He is a serial killer.

Just as Police Sergeant Jenkins launches a manhunt to find him, Heath walks into the station with a story to tell: he was drugged by a man named Gabriel, chained up and told he would be his 55 th victim. Gabriel is dangerous. He is a serial killer.

The two victims are also the two suspects. Which one is telling the truth?

Review of 55 – James Delargy

The idea of the novel, as they put it in the synopsis that presents it, is original and quite attractive but, in my opinion, the author hasn’t been able to develop all the potential it had. I was a little disappointed.

The events that take place in 2002 seem to have to be related to the current ones, either to explain the confrontation between Chandler and Mitch or because they have something to do, directly, with the serial murders of the present.

From very early on in the narrative it’s quite clear which of the two suspects tells the truth, but still, the author knows how to keep the reader with a certain doubt. Anyway, in general, the clues are too unsubtle, they’re too clear. For example, the fire clearly points to one of the two alleged killers/victims, but the police don’t seem to notice.

The most intriguing part is the end because it doesn’t have one. Well, yes, the novel ends, but you don’t know how. It’s up to the reader’s interpretation.

Recommended because it’s entertaining but nothing special. I prefer the novels I know how they end and I can finish.

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Year 2019

Language: English
Format: eBook

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