A Cold Death in Amsterdam

Also available in: Spanish

3 / 5. Votos: 1

Synopsis of A Cold Death in Amsterdam

The first Lotte Meerman mystery Amsterdam-based

Lotte Meerman is a cold case detective recovering from the emotional devastation of her previous investigation. She is angry and mentally scarred – but being a police officer is the only thing she wants to do.

A tip-off leads Lotte to an unresolved ten-year-old murder case in which her father was the lead detective. And when she discovers irregularities surrounding the original investigation that make him a suspect, she decides to cover for him.

Now she has to find the real murderer before she’s discovered, otherwise her father will be arrested and she will lose her job, the one thing in life that is keeping her focused and sane.

Synopsis of A Cold Death in Amsterdam taken from Amazon


Series:  Lotte Meerman; 1

Publisher:  Constable
Year:  2015

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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