A Finer End

A Finer End

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Synopsis of A Finer End

When Duncan Kincaid’s cousin Jack calls from Glastonbury to ask for his help on a rather unusual matter, Duncan welcomes the chance to spend a relaxing weekend outside London with Gemma. But relaxation isn’t on the agenda.

Glastonbury is revered as the site of an ancient abbey, the mythical burial place of King Arthur and Guinevere, and a source of strong druid power.

Jack has no more than a passing interest in its history -until he comes across an extraordinary chronicle almost a thousand years old.

The record reveals something terrible and bloody shattered the abbey’s peace long ago – knowledge that will spark violence thet reaches into the present.

Soon it is up to Duncan and Gemma to find the truth the local police cannot see. But no one envisions the peril that lies ahead – or that there is more at stake than they ever dreamed possible.

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Series:  Duncan Kincaid - Gemma James; 7

Publisher:  Bantam
Year:  2002
ISBN 9780553579277
Original title:  A Finer End

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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