All That Lives

All That Lives

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Synopsis of All That Lives

In All That Lives: Two victims. Nothing connects them, except that someone buried them in the exact same way. Seven hundred years apart.

An archaeological dig at the old South Leith parish kirkyard has turned up a mysterious body dating from around seven hundred years ago. Some suspect that this gruesome discovery is a sacrifice, placed there for a specific purpose.

Then a second body is unearthed. This victim went missing only thirty years ago – but the similarities between her death and the ancient woman’s suggest something even more disturbing.

Drawn into the investigation, Inspector McLean finds himself torn between a worrying trend of violent drug-related deaths and uncovering what truly connects these bodies. When a third body is discovered, and too close for comfort, he begins to suspect dark purpose at play – and that whoever put them there is far from finished.

Synopsis of the book, by James Oswald, taken from Amazon

Series:  Anthony McLean; 12

Publisher:  Wildfire
Year:  2022

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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