All the Rage

All the Rage

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Synopsis of All the Rage

The first girl came back. The next won’t be so lucky.

A teenage girl is found wandering the outskirts of Oxford, dazed and distressed. The story she tells is bizarre.

Grabbed from off the street, a plastic bag pulled over her face, then driven to an isolated location where she was subjected to what sounds like an assault.

And yet she refuses to press charges and claims the whole thing was just an April Fool gone wrong.

DI Fawley investigates, but there’s little he can do without the girl’s cooperation. Is she hiding something, and if so, what?

And why does Fawley keep getting the feeling it’s related to a case from his past, a case he’s spent years trying to forget?

And then another girl disappears, and Adam Fawley no longer has a choice: he has to face his demons, whatever the cost, professional or personal.

Because unless he does, this victim may not be coming back…

Synopsis of All the Rage taken from No Way Out

Series:  Adam Fawley; 4

Publisher:  Penguin Books
Year:  2019

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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