An Uncertain Place

An Uncertain Place

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When Commissaire Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg, the chief of police in Paris’s seventh arrondissement, is called to the scene of a ghastly and highly unusual murder, he thinks it can’t have anything to do with the nine pairs of shoes and severed feet discovered outside of London’s Highgate Cemetery just a few days earlier.

With the help of the murdered man’s gifted physician, Adamsberg delves into the victim’s disturbed psyche and unexpectedly finds himself on a path that takes him deep into the haunted past of Eastern Europe, where a centuries-old horror has come to life and is claiming victims far and wide.

My review

I just finished reading this book, An Uncertain Place by Fred Vargas. The one I have is a promotional copy because it will not go on sale until February 15. It is entertaining and the characters are friendly, especially the Commissaire Adamsberg who is a bit crazy.

  • Spanish
; 6

ISBN 9780143120049
Original title: Un lieu incertain

Language: English

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