An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

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An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

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Synopsis of An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

The young Cordelia Gray is suddenly in charge of a detective agency.

Most of her acquaintances are blunt in stating that this is not a suitable job for a woman, but she will strive to show that she is perfectly qualified to carry it out with great professionalism.

For that reason she will accept her first case, the investigation of the suicide of the son of a renowned scientist.

Cornered by the intrigues and conspiracies of the victim’s family, and at the risk of her life, she will enter a world in which it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, in which perhaps no one but her is interested find out the truth.

Synopsis of An Unsuitable Job for a Woman taken from the book

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Series:  Cordelia Gray; 1

Publisher: Touchstone
Year 2000

Language: English
Format: Print

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