Bad Blood

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Synopsis of Bad Blood

Detective Paul Hjelm and his team receive an urgent call from the FBI. A murderer whose methods bear a frightening resemblance to a serial killer they believed long dead is on his way to Sweden.

For years the FBI hunted the so-called ‘Kentucky Killer’, their agents haunted by the terrible injuries he inflicted on his victims through his signature device: a weapon that squeezed the vocal cords shut.

Has he somehow returned from beyond the grave to torture a new generation, or do they have a copy-cat on their hands? And what do they want in Sweden?

If they are to capture the killer, the team must collaborate with their colleagues in the FBI on a desperate hunt that will take them from rainswept city streets to deserted Kentucky farmhouses, and will push them to the limits of their endurance.

Synopsis of Bad Blood taken from Amazon

Review of Bad Blood

The second novel in the Group A series, starring Paul Hjelm. I liked the plot more than the previous one’s, you can follow it better and it’s more original.

Otherwise it’s fine in terms of suspense, development, etc. It has its touches of humor, which are appreciated in a somewhat depressing atmosphere.

The method of torture used with the victims is striking; it seems that the authors are competing to see which of them is the scariest.

Series:  Paul Hjelm; 2

Publisher:  Vintage
Year:  2013

Original title:  Ont Blod

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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