Bad Dog

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Bad Dog

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Synopsis of Bad Dog

In Bad Dog, when a young woman is brutally murdered in the Norfolk countryside, the locals blame Black Shuck—a legendary wild dog. There’s only one problem: the wounds weren’t made by an animal.

DCI Robert Kett is battling a black dog of his own. With his wife still missing, and the injuries from his last case leaving him in constant pain, everything seems impossible—not least looking after his three young children.

But when a second body appears, even bloodier than the last, Kett finds himself on a hunt for one of the most ruthless serial killers the country has ever seen.

A killer who may be hunting him too.

Synopsis of the book, by Alex Smith, taken from Amazon

Series:  Robert Kett; 2

Publisher:  Relentless Media
Year:  2020

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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