Before I Die

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Synopsis of Before I Die

The meat shortage of 1946 has drastically affected Nero Wolfe‘s menu and he is in a bad mood.

Gangster Dazy Perrit arrives at the brownstone house to get Wolfe’s help. Ignoring Archie’s protests, Wolfe invites him to enter.

Archie fears that Perrit will tell Wolfe something Wolfe would rather not know, but Wolfe wants meat and thinks that Perrit’s black market connections could allow him to get it.

Perrit gives Archie a phone number to get a possible supply of meat, and then tells Wolfe his problem. Perrit has a daughter, but has kept her existence and identity a secret to protect her from her enemies.

One of them, Thumbs Meeker, recently let Perrit know that his daughter’s existence is no longer a secret.

Meeker apparently does not know the identity or location of the daughter, only that Perrit has a daughter somewhere.

Perrit has found a small-scale scammer named Angelina Murphy who runs away from the Utah authorities. And he has installed her as his daughter in his Fifth Avenue apartment.

This, Perrit thinks, will prevent his enemies from seeking and damaging his true daughter.

However, Angelina has begun to blackmail Perrit, demanding large sums of money and threatening to expose his secret unless he pays.

Perrit wants to hire Wolfe to stop Angelina.

Synopsis of Before I Die taken from

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 14.1

Included in:  Trouble in Triplicate

Publisher:  Crimeline
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307756312

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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