Before Midnight

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Before Midnight

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Synopsis of Before Midnight

In Before Midnight, corporate lawyer Rudolf Hansen and his clients Oliver Buff, Vernon Assa and Patrick O’Garro, executive directors of the LBA advertising agency, come to Nero Wolfe’s house to hire him.

The group wants Wolfe to save them from shame and ruin after the murder of Louis Dahlmann, an advertising executive at the firm.

Dahlmann has also had his wallet stolen. Inside were the answers to a series of poetic riddles that should be revealed in a promotional contest by Pour Amour, a perfume brand designed by one of LBA’s clients.

The first prize of the contest is five hundred thousand dollars. In a meeting with the five finalist contestants, held the night before Dahlmann’s murder, he revealed that he kept the answers in his wallet.

This causes the police to focus their suspicions on one of the contestants present at the meeting.

However, the group does not want Wolfe to investigate the murder but to find out who stole the wallet, before the contest deadline, to ensure the integrity of the proceedings and restore their reputation.

Wolfe agrees to investigate the case.

Synopsis of Before Midnight taken from

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 25

Publisher:  Bantam

ISBN 0553763040

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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