Black Fly Season

Black Fly Season

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Synopsis of Black Fly Season

Someone in Algonquin Bay is out for blood. A young woman has been shot in the head. She can’t remember why anyone wants to hurt her, or even her own name.

Then a body turns up – Wombat Guthrie, biker and drug dealer, has taken his last ride.

It’s unlikely that the two cases are linked, but detectives Cardinal and Delorme keep encountering a name – ‘Red Bear’.

A Chippewa shaman, Red Bear has recently moved into drugs and has enlisted the help of the spirit world. In return the ‘spirits’ demand sacrifice – human sacrifice.

As the woman regains her memory, Cardinal suspects that she may not be as innocent as she appears.

And what of Red Bear? Really a shaman? Or just another dealer with an appetite for murder?

The truth must be found before the spirits claim another ‘sacrifice’…

Synopsis of Black Fly Season taken from Amazon

Series:  John Cardinal; 3

Publisher:  HarperCollins
Year:  2014
ISBN 9780007372836

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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