Blood Will Tell

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Trio for Blunt Instruments

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Synopsis of Blood Will Tell

In Blood Will Tell, Archie receives by mail an elegant cream-colored envelope with the sender engraved. This is one James Neville Vance of Horn Street 219.

It is a bulky envelope that contains something soft. Inside there is a note that says: “Keep this until you receive news from me. JNV”

“This” is a tie stained with what looks like blood.

Without understanding anything, he puts it in a drawer and finds out who Vance is. A wealthy single man in his sixties with numerous properties. Among them is the building where he lives on Horn Street.

Later, once Wolfe has already come down from the greenhouse, Archie receives a call from someone who says he is Vance and asks him to destroy what he has mailed to him.

Already quite annoyed Archie informs Wolfe of the whole thing and goes to Vance’s house to clarify things.

Vance recognizes that it is his card paper and that the tie is his, after verifying that it is missing from the closet. The problem is that he didn’t send it or call him on the phone to destroy it.

While they are clearing things up, the doorman of the building appears accompanied by a policeman.

He has been sent there to see why the second floor tenant does not answer her husband’s calls. Nor has he opened the door when the police knocked.

Vance gives permission to open the neighbor’s apartment, Bonny Kirk.

When they enter the house they find Bonny’s body that has been killed.

Archie takes advantage of the shock of the moment to leave without the others noticing, although he knows that the police will find out that he was present when the body was found.

After informing Wolfe he goes to a laboratory where they confirm that the stain on the tie is human blood.

Blood Will Tell is the third short story in Trio For Blunt Instruments.

Synopsis of Blood Will Tell taken from the book

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 39.3

Incluido en:  Trio for Blunt Instruments

Publisher:  Crimeline
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307756299

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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