Body Count

Body Count

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Synopsis of Body Count

To catch a killer, you have to think like one.

FBI Agent Sophie Anderson has been trained to delve into the minds of society’s worst criminals, to catch them before they kill again.

Newly relocated from Australia, Sophie is settling into her new job at Quantico and quickly making a name for herself in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. The only problem is the nightmares.

When a young woman’s body is found in DC, Sophie realises she’s ‘seen’ the victim before, murdered in her dreams. And she knows this is only the beginning.

The body count is rising, the killer is moving closer and Sophie is running out of time…

Synopsis of Body Count taken from Amazon

  • Spanish
Series: Sophie Anderson; 1

Publisher: Murderati Ink
Year published: 2012

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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