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Synopsis of Buried

Katie Maguire knows that in this part of Ireland, the past can never stay buried . . .

In Blarney, Cork, an old millworker’s cottage guards its secrets.

In 1921, a mother, father, and their two young children disappeared from this house. And now, 95 years later, their mummified bodies have been discovered under the floorboards.

The neighbors cannot imagine who would have killed such a harmless family all those years ago. But as DS Katie Maguire investigates, the flames of old family rivalries flare up once more . . . and Katie is caught in the crossfire.

Synopsis of Buried taken from Amazon

Places in the book

Series:  Katie Maguire; 6

Publisher:  Head of Zeus
Year:  2016
ISBN 9781784081362

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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