Case for Three Detectives

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Case for Three Detectives

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Synopsis of Case for Three Detectives

Possibly the most unusual mystery ever written. A murder is committed, behind closed doors, in bizarre circumstances. Three amateur detectives take the case: Lord Simon Plimsoll, Monsieur Amer Picon, and Monsignor Smith (in whom discerning readers will note likeness to some familiar literary figures). Each arrives at his own brilliant solution, startling in its originality, ironclad in its logic. Meanwhile Sergeant Beef sits contemptuously in the background. “But, ” says Sergean Beef, “I know who done it!”

Review of Case for Three Detectives – Leo Bruce

Horrible. It felt like I was reading something without rhyme or reason. The detectives portrayed in the novel, though with different names, don’t reach the level of the original characters. They’re ridiculous, like bad copycats. The plot could be very interesting, the typical enclosed room, but it’s not taken advantage of.

A good idea very ill-resolved.

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Series:  Sgt. Beef; 1

Publisher: Academy Chicago Publishers
Year 2014
ISBN 9781613732595

Language: English

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