Cold Truth

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Synopsis of Cold Truth

If it bleeds, it leads and Gina Davenport’s death led the local news that day.

News cameraman, Ted Phillips, captured the plunge of therapist and best selling author, Gina Davenport, from an eighth story window – live – on what had begun as a slow news day.

The shattered glass fell like rain. The camera rolled. And Davenport lay mangled on the concrete as a dark pool of blood spread out from her head.

Was it suicide, or cold-blooded murder?

Attorney Lou Mason had no doubt it was murder. Suicides jump out of open windows. Murderers break the glass. He couldn’t keep his mind off Gina Davenport’s murder. How could he?

When an enigmatic young woman turns herself in, claiming she murdered Davenport, Mason takes the case. But something about her story just doesn’t add up.

Trying to crack the case, Mason dives deep into a black market underworld  — one run on drugs and dirty money where truth comes at the highest possible price – life.

Synopsis of Cold Truth taken from Amazon

Series:  Lou Mason; 3

Publisher:  the Author
Year:  2014

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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