Curtains For Three

Curtains For Three. Disguise for Murder. Bullet for One. The Gun With Wings

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Information about Curtains For Three

It contains three short stories:

  1. The Gun With Wings
  2. Bullet For One
  3. Disguise For Murder

In these three baffling mysteries of motive and murder, even the great Nero Wolfe finds himself stumped.

First there is the case of the two passionate lovebirds who want to make sure that neither is a cold-blooded killer.

Then it’s off to the races, where Wolfe must choose from a stable of five likely suspects to corral a killer on horseback.

And finally the detective finds himself the confidant of a distraught, self-described grifter who claims a murderer is stalking Wolfe’s own brownstone.

Through brilliant deduction and inspired perseverance, the master of detection is determined to expose the truth behind de veils of illusion – and bring down the curtain on three all-too-clever murderers.

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Curtains For Three

Series: Nero Wolfe; 18

Publisher: Bantam
Year published: 1994
ISBN 055376294X

Language: English
Format: Print

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