Dead Like You

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Dead Like You

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Synopsis of Dead Like You

The Metropole Hotel, Brighton. After a heady New Year’s Eve ball, a woman is brutally raped as she returns to her room. A week later, another woman is attacked. Both victims’ shoes are taken by the offender.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace soon realizes that these new cases bear remarkable similarities to an unsolved series of crimes in the city back in 1997.

The perpetrator had been dubbed ‘Shoe Man’ and was believed to have raped four women before murdering his fifth victim and vanishing. Could this be a copycat, or has Shoe Man resurfaced?

When more women are assaulted, Grace becomes increasingly certain that he is dealing with the same man.

And that by delving back into the past -a time in which Grace and his now missing wife Sandy appear happy together- he may find the key to unlocking the current mystery.

Soon Grace and his team will find themselves in a desperate race against the clock to identify and save the life of the new fifth victim…

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Series:  Roy Grace; 6

Year:  2010
ISBN 9780230706873

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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