Dead Man’s Grip

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Synopsis of Dead Man’s Grip

Carly Chase is traumatised ten days after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University.

Then she receives news that turns her entire world into a living nightmare. The drivers of the other two vehicles involved have been found tortured and murdered.

Now Detective Superintendent Roy Grace of the Sussex Police force issues a stark and urgent warning to Carly: She could be next.

The student had deadly connections. Connections that stretch across the Atlantic. Someone has sworn revenge and won’t rest until the final person involved in that fatal accident is dead.

The police advise Carly her only option is to go into hiding and change identity. The terrified woman disagrees – she knows these people have ways of hunting you down anywhere.

If the police are unable to stop them, she has to find a way to do it herself. But already the killer is one step ahead of her, watching, waiting, and ready…

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Review of Dead Man’s Grip by Peter James

An original plot, because it deviates from the typical murder. The root of the story lies in a fatal road accident, totally fortuitous, that gets complicated with the family of the dead, who belong to the American Mafia, revenges, etc.

It has some unbelievable things, such as the trip to the US of one of the drivers involved in the accident who, though totally innocent, wants to apologize in person to the dead man’s parents so that they won’t take it out on her.

Otherwise, Dead Man’s Grip is in line with the rest of Roy Grace’s novels in the series. Correct and entertaining.
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Series:  Roy Grace; 7

Year 2011
ISBN 9780230760516

Language: English
Format: eBook

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