Death du Jour

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of Death du Jour

In the bitter cold of a Montreal winter, Tempe Brennan is digging for a corpse buried more than a century ago.

Although Tempe thrives on such enigmas from the past, it’s a chain of contemporary deaths and disappearances that has seized her attention. And she alone is ideally placed to make a chilling connection among the seemingly unrelated events.

At the crime scene, at the morgue, and in the lab, Tempe probes a mystery that sweeps from a deadly Quebec fire to startling discoveries in the Carolinas, and culminates in Montreal with a terrifying showdown. A nerve-shattering test of both her forensic expertise and her skills for survival.

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Series:  Temperance Brennan; 2

Publisher: Arrow
Year 2008
ISBN 9780099255192
Original title: Death du jour

Language: English
Format: Print

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