Don’t Look Back

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Synopsis of Don’t Look Back

Meet Inspector Sejer: smart and enigmatic, tough but fair.

At the foot of the imposing Kollen Mountain lies a small, idyllic village, where neighbors know neighbors and children play happily in the streets.

But when the body of a teenage girl is found by the lake at the mountaintop, the town’s tranquility is shattered forever.

Annie was strong, intelligent, and loved by everyone. What went so terribly wrong?

Doggedly, yet subtly, Inspector Sejer uncovers layer upon layer of distrust and lies beneath the town’s seemingly perfect façade.

Synopsis of Don’t Look Back taken from Amazon

Series:  Konrad Sejer; 2

Publisher:  Vintage
Year:  2003
ISBN 9780099452133
Original title:  Se Deg ikke Tilbake!

Language:  English
Format:  Print


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