Eeny Meeny Murder Mo

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Homicide Trinity

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Synopsis of Eeny Meeny Murder Mo

in Eeny Meeny Murder Mo, Bertha Aaron, a secretary at a law firm, comes to the brownstone to hire Wolfe to investigate a possibly serious ethical lapse by a member of the firm.

She has no appointment and arrives during Wolfe’s afternoon orchid session, so Archie gets the particulars from her.

The firm she works for is representing Morton Sorell in a messy, highly publicized divorce.

A few evenings ago, Aaron noticed a junior member of the law firm – she won’t say which one – in a cheap eatery, tête-à-tête with Mrs. Rita Sorell, the firm’s opponent in the divorce action.

That sort of ex parte communication is highly improper. Later, she asked the lawyer about it, and he wouldn’t discuss the matter.

She won’t take the problem to the firm’s senior member, Lamont Otis, because she fears that the news, coupled with Otis’s advanced age and heart condition, will kill him. But it has to be investigated.

It’s a novel problem, and Archie takes the unusual step of consulting Wolfe in the plant rooms.

Because the case concerns a divorce, it’s one that Wolfe normally would not touch. But because legal ethics, not the divorce itself, is the central issue, Archie thinks there’s a chance Wolfe will take it.

Even so, Wolfe tells Archie he won’t do it, and Archie returns to the office to give Aaron the bad news.

Back in the office, Archie finds he can’t give the news to her because she’s dead, hit on the head with a heavy paperweight and then strangled with a necktie.

It’s Wolfe’s paperweight. Even worse, it’s Wolfe’s necktie. He had spilled some sauce on it at lunch, removed it, and left it on his desk where someone could find it and use it to strangle Bertha Aaron.

Late that night, after Inspector Cramer and other police investigators have left, Otis arrives, along with one of the law firm’s associates, Ann Paige.

The death of his valued secretary has upset Otis, and he wants to know what happened.

Eeny Meeny Murder Mo is the first short story of Homicide Trinity.

Synopsis of Eeny Meeny Murder Mo taken from:

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 36.1

Incluido en:  Homicide Trinity

Publisher:  Crimeline
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307755995

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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