Flowers over the Inferno

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Synopsis of Flowers over the Inferno

In a quiet village surrounded by ancient woods and the imposing Italian Alps, a man is found naked with his eyes gouged out. It is the first in a string of gruesome murders.

Superintendent Teresa Battaglia, a detective with a background in criminal profiling, is called to investigate. Battaglia is in her mid-sixties, her rank and expertise hard-won from decades of battling for respect in a male-dominated Italian police force. While she’s not sure she trusts the young city inspector assigned to assist her, she sees right away that this is no ordinary case: buried deep in these mountains is a dark history that may endanger a group of eight-year-old children toward whom the killer seems to gravitate.

As Teresa inches closer to the truth, she must also confront the possibility that her body and mind, worn down by age and illness, may fail her before the chase is over.

Synopsis of Flowers over the Inferno, by Ilaria Tuti, taken from Amazon

Review of Flowers Over the Inferno

I really liked Flowers Over the Inferno. The plot is very original and it’s based on some very chilling events that occurred in Austria’s border a few years ago.

The characters are very good, especially the protagonist, Commissioner Teresa Battaglis. It’s very intresting to see how she copes with the beginning of “senile dementia” or “Alzheimer’s.” It’s not made very clear but it must be said that senile dementia also exists. And as a personal note: I disagree with how they treat someone who’s 60 years old as an elderly person.

The investigation and the development of the story are very well constructed. But there’s something I don’t quite like, though it’s not really relevant. On the book’s synopsis it says that Commissioner Battaglia is an expert on criminal profiles. In fact, with only just one corpse and because of the newcomer’s, Inspector Marini’s, insistence, she makes a profile of the murderer.

If I’m not mistaken, to make a profile it’s necessary to have more than one crime to study the victimology, the MO, the signature (if there’s any), etc. To find common characteristics between various murders and find patterns and motives. That’s not the case here.

Well, overall, it’s a very good and very interesting novel. I highly recommend it and I await the next one.

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Series: Teresa Battaglia; 1

Publisher: Soho Crime
Year 2019
Original title: Fiori sopra l'inferno

Language: English

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