Game of Mirrors

Game of Mirrors

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Synopsis of Game of Mirrors

When Montalbano comes to the aid of his new neighbour, Liliana Lombardo, after her car is interfered with, the inspector can little imagine where this will lead. It soon transpires that the young woman is being targeted by someone. But is Liliana’s growing interest in Montalbano simply a product of the detective’s innate charm? Or is she trying to lead him into trouble?

Meanwhile a bomb explodes outside an empty warehouse in Vigàta. But who was it intended for? As Montalbano and his colleagues investigate, they begin to receive a barrage of false clues. The inspector realises that he is being led into a hall of mirrors where there is danger at every turn and nothing is quite clear…

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Game of Mirrors

Series: Salvo Montalbano; 22

Publisher: Penguin Books
Year published: 2015
Original title: l giocho degli specchi

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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