Her Name, Titanic

Her Name, Titanic

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This unique and fascinating book goes beyond any Titanic book that has ever been written. It is perhaps the most dramatic account of the sinking of the legendary ‘unsinkable’ Cunard liner and of the incredible, science fiction-like finding of the ship.

As ropes were unhooked and boat number fourteen struck out, portholes still glowed below the surface. From five feet under, in a room that was still unflooded. aman was peering out into the ocean. Adjacent portholes illuminated the white bottom of a lifeboat. Looking up, he watched it cast away….

Time seemed to have come unstuck the day the Titanic’s grave was discovered. An empty lifeboat davit turned up on the robot Argo’s TV screens, and suddenly it was 1912 agajn, suddenly the horrors came spewing out like a nightmare from the past. Scientists burst into tears, and many who saw those first pictures suffered what they later called minor nervous breakdowns. The world looked on, dumbfounded by the fallibility of man’s supposedly most invincible creations.

Her Name. Titanic includes a vivid portrait of explorer Robert Ballard, the brilliant leader of the expedition that discovered the Titanic’s remains. The author portrays Ballard and his crew in a compelling style unlike that of any other book on the subject. Charles Pellegrino is a scientist as well as an author and he describes in riveting detail the scientific aspects of the machines and the processes involved in the expeditions.

But more than that, this is the first book to go beyond the headlines. By delving deep into the meaning of the Titanic which has evolved slowly from tragedy to symbol and by putting himself into the minds of the people who play the characters in the drama, Charles Pellegrino has created a spellbinding work of oceanography that succeeds in illuminating new truths about the meaning of science and about the tragedies and joys of the human adventure.

Publisher:  McGraw-Hill
Year:  1988
ISBN 0070492808

Language:  English, Inglés
Format:  Impreso


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