Hope to Die

Hope to Die

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Synopsis of Hope to Die

In Hope to Die: Midnight. A callout to an isolated farm outside Oxford. A body, shot at point blank range in the kitchen.

It looks like a burglary gone wrong, but Detective Inspector Adam Fawley suspects there’s something more to it.

When the police discover a connection to a high-profile case from years ago, involving a child’s murder and an alleged miscarriage of justice, the press go wild.

Suddenly Fawley’s team are under more scrutiny than ever before. And when you dig up the past, you’re sure to find a few skeletons…

Synopsis of the book, by Cara Hunter, taken from Amazon

Series:  Adam Fawley; 6

Publisher:  Penguin Books
Year:  2022
ISBN 9780241990179

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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