I Will Miss You Tomorrow

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Synopsis of I Will Miss You Tomorrow

I Will Miss You Tomorrow
The first in a new Norwegian crime series featuring disgraced ex-Chief Inspector Thorkild Aske, a damaged man with a complicated past

Fresh out of prison and a stint in a psychiatric hospital, disgraced ex-policeman Thorkild Aske only wants to lose himself in drugged dreams of his beloved Frei. Wild, unknowable Frei. The woman he loved. The woman he has lost forever.

Yet when Frei’s young cousin goes missing off the Norwegian coast and Thorkild is called in by the family to help find him, dead or alive, Thorkild cannot refuse. He owes them this.

Tormented by his past, Thorkild soon finds himself deep in treacherous waters. He’s lost his reputation – will he now lose his life?

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Review of I Will Miss You Tomorrow

Very good.

The protagonist is a very peculiar character, a former policeman, an ex-convict and he’s pilled up due to his psychiatric problems. But still, he thinks, resolves, and has a sense of humor. It’s the best thing of the novel.

While he was in the police force he was: Inspector, First Officer, Volunteer for the Special Investigative Agencies, and officer in the Bureau of Investigation of Police Affairs (equivalent to Internal Affairs of American novels and films). He’s an expert in interrogations and he knows all the strategies.

The plot is fine and well developed. There’s a moment when you start to suspect the person responsible because, of course, there’s crime. In the end, that person is bad but not the worst.

It has very good moments: when Aske tries to commit suicide and isn’t capable, the autopsy, and more.

The dialogues between Aske and most of the characters are good too, but especially the ones he has with Gunnar Ore, his former boss and his ex-wife’s current partner. There are a lot of exes in the book.

The second in the series has already been published in Spanish and I’ve already started to read it. For now it’s staying on the same level.

Highly recommended and new within the Nordic thriller. It’s a bit reminiscent of the Department Q novels.

Series:  Thorkild Aske; 1

Publisher:  Raven Books
Year:  2019
ISBN 9781526610751
Original title:  Jeg skal savne deg i morgen

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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