In the Best Families

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In the Best Families

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Synopsis of In the Best Families

In In the Best Families, the wealthy Sarah Rackham and her cousin Calvin Leeds, a breeder of Dobermans, go to Nero Wolfe to investigate Sarah’s husband.

Barry maintains an unusually luxurious lifestyle despite having no income or financial support from Sarah.

The day after accepting the job, Wolfe receives a hidden tear gas pump as a sausage package.

Arnold Zeck, a criminal genius in the shadow with whom he has already crossed before, warns Wolfe to abandon the case.

Although it is clear that Barry Rackham is one of Zeck’s men, Wolfe orders Archie to investigate further.

Shortly after arriving at Sarah’s estate, Archie discovers that she and her dog have been killed.

Archie calls Wolfe with the news and returns to the city, suspecting that Barry or another person in Zeck’s organization may be responsible.

When he arrives, however, he discovers that Nero Wolfe has disappeared overnight, leaving only instructions that Archie should not look for him and a newspaper ad announcing his retirement as a detective.

The Westchester authorities refuse to believe that Archie does not know where Wolfe is, and imprison him as a material witness.

While Archie is in jail, his cellmate, Max Christy, hints that he is part of Zeck’s organization and offers Archie work.

After being released, Annabel Frey, Sarah’s daughter-in-law, hires Archie to investigate her murder, but her attempts soon stall.

During the following months, as Wolfe seems unlikely to return, Archie opens his own detective agency.

Again he is approached by Christy, who renews his job offer in the Zeck organization. Suspecting that Zeck is connected with Sarah’s murder, Archie accepts.

Synopsis of In the Best Families based on

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 17

Publisher:  Bantam
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307756015

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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