Ingrid Bergman: My Story

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Synopsis of Ingrid Bergman: My Story

This is an attractive and exciting book. Attractive because Ingrid Bergman’s personality is also attractive. Exciting because her life is an extraordinary succession of successes and misfortunes, of contradictory and unexpected events.

The reader of this unique autobiography does not stop being interested, even for a moment, in reliving the years of that life that Bergman has filled with her intelligence, her charm, the strength of her character and the authenticity of her vocation.

Ingrid Bergman, who speaks five languages, has performed forty-six films and a dozen plays. She has had three husbands and four children. And it has been these children who have asked her to tell her life story with total and absolute sincerity.

In her exceptional career, Ingrid has met writers, musicians, actors and directors, of whom she draws excellent portraits with humor and spontaneity. Bernard Shaw, Paul Claudel, Hemingway, O’Neill, Arthur Honegger, Selznick, Hitchcock, Cukor, Litvak, Renoir, Bergman, Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant, Charles Boyer and a long list of others are featured in this book.

Ingrid Bergman tells us a thousand anecdotes, funny and intentional, about her life as an actress, wife and mother. And she doesn’t hide anything about the great scandal caused by her relationship with Rossellini. In the puritanical America of the 1950s, Bergman represented, without makeup or sophistication, with her flat shoes and her tweed skirt, with her life without mystery, the young woman, healthy and impeccable.

When it became known that she was leaving her husband and daughter to join the Magnani’s husband in Italy, the disapproval -particularly in Sweden and the United States- reached picturesque extremes. Overnight the Swedish actress went from being an angel to being a monster of amorality. Even a senator got up in the American Congress to rebuke her.

Ten years later, Ingrid Bergman regains her quiet happiness with Lars Schmidt, her third husband. And she returns to the United States, where she soon wins again and receives the Oscar for Anastasia. In 1978 she reaches the peak of her acting talent with the film of her compatriot Ingmar Bergman’s Autumn Sonata.

Today she lives in London surrounded by her children. And despite her fight against a disease that has threatened her life for years, she has just returned from Israel, where she has played a female character, also an exceptional one, for a television serial: Golda Meir.

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Publisher:  Book Club Associates
Year:  1980
ISBN 9780440032991

Language:  English
Format:  Print

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