Liars and Thieves

Liars and Thieves

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Synopsis of Liars and Thieves

Detective Constable Scott Cullen finds his peaceful return from holiday scuppered when the body of a barman is found with a knife in his gut.

What seems to be a straightforward case of violent jealousy soon reveals itself to have much darker links.

Revelations of mounting debts, out of control gambling and organised crime lead to the discovery of another body.

Desperate for a promotion, Cullen sets out to solve the murders, but can he untangle the web?

This ebook also includes a short story, Christmas Steps, which sees Cullen investigate the gruesome murder of a businessman on a cold Christmas Eve in Edinburgh.

Synopsis of Liars and Thieves taken from Amazon

Series:  Scott Cullen; 6

Previously published as:  Windchill

Later published as:  Liars and Thieves

Publisher:  the Author
Year:  2014

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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