Little Face

Little Face

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Synopsis of Little Face

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare.

When Alice Fancourt leaves her newborn daughter at home with her husband for the first time, she comes home to a horrifying discovery: her child has been swapped with another baby.

In near hysterics, Alice rushes to call the police, but soon discovers that no one, not even her husband David, believes her.

When the police arrive, Detective Simon Waterhouse is drawn to the lovely Alice but doubts her story and suspects that she is suffering from postpartum depression.

Meanwhile, David is growing increasingly hostile and Alice begins to fear that her baby’s disappearance may be linked to his first wife’s untimely death.

Can Alice convince the police before it’s too late?

Synopsis of Little Face, by Sophie Hannah, taken from Amazon

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Little Face

Publisher: Penguin Books
Year published: 2008
ISBN 9780143114086

Language: English
Format: Print

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