Lucifer’s Tears

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Lucifer's Tears

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Synopsis of Lucifer’s Tears

Inspector Kari Vaara has left the Arctic Circle and returned- reluctantly-to Helsinki, where headaches and sleeplessness plague him. But he must work through the pain.

He has two cases on his plate: the brutal murder of a Russian businessman’s wife, and-more secretively-an investigation into an elderly Finnish national hero who may have played a darker role in World War II than the public knows.

Vaara’s past has turned him into a haunted man. The questions he’s asking now may turn him into a hunted man as well…

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Review of Lucifer’s Tears

The second novel starring Finnish policeman Kari Vaara.

It’s good, like the first one. The plot is fine, it’s engaging and holds interest to the end, though there isn’t much mystery as to who the killer is.

As in many of the Nordic novels, the characters are quite real and human with family priorities that are above work, in contrast to the “heroes” of the American crime novel who either are failures in their personal lives with internal problems and with their own colleagues, or are perfect, attractive, Apollonian cops who screw every female who puts themselves in front of them and fix everything with guns.

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Series:  Kari Vaara; 2

Year 2011

Language: English
Format: eBook

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