Mom Said Kill

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Synopsis of Mom Said Kill

In Mom Said Kill, Jerry Heimann, of Everett, Washington, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer when he hired Barbara Marie Opel as a live-in housekeeper and health-care provider for his mother, an Alzheimer’s patient.

Also entrusted with his finances, Opel’s real interests were in Heimann’s bank account. So she hatched a plan to get it by paying two local teens and her own three children to take care of Heimann.

On April 13, 2001, they ambushed the unsuspecting man with bare fists, kitchen knives, and baseball bats. Seven-year-old Tiffany was enlisted to clean up the blood. Eight days later, Barbara’s eleven-year-old son gave up mommy’s secret, and led police to Heimann’s shallow grave.

This is the horrifying story of how a mother turned her children and their friends into stone-cold killers—and then rewarded them for their crime.

Synopsis of the book, by Burl Barer, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Pinnacle Books
Year:  2010

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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