Motion to Kill

Motion to Kill

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Synopsis of Motion to Kill

Richard Sullivan was at the top of his profession, a rainmaker in a powerful Kansas City law firm until his body washed up on the shores of a Missouri lake.

Now the questions about his death and life are reverberating through a firm that had more secrets than anyone knew.

For trial lawyer Lou Mason, that means navigating a maze of corruption, sex, organized crime and cold-blooded murder as he searches for the killer.

When another partner turns up dead, his neck neatly snapped, Mason wonders whether it was the same killer. His life depends on the answer.

As he gets closer to the truth, Mason discovers a connection between the two murders that runs deeper than he could have ever imagined.

With a media firestorm surrounding him, he’s about to get the ultimate lesson that the most explosive crimes aren’t against the law.

Synopsis of Motion to Kill taken from Amazon

Series:  Lou Mason; 1

Publisher:  the Author
Year:  2011

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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