Murder By Fire

Murder By Fire

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Synopsis of Murder By Fire

In Murder By Fire, David Merchant’s body is found in a bonfire in his back garden. David was a publisher and devout Christian. Who would want to kill this seemingly very decent man?

DI Hillary Greene faces one of her most puzzling cases as she struggles to find anyone with a strong motive to kill the pious publisher.

Then, as Hillary unearths greedy business partners and an estranged son, her focus is diverted when a new team member is targeted by a vicious gang.

Hillary’s under massive pressure and will she finally crack? And if she does, where will she go from here?

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Review of Murder by Fire – Faith Martin

I like English mystery novels. Much more than American ones, except for the novels by Rex Stout starring Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin.

I tend to be suspicious of authors that write so many novels that it’s almost impossible to keep up. This is not the case. Faith Martin describes the police investigation proceedings perfectly. They’re really wonderful to read. However, I have to say that, up until now, I’ve only read the ones starring DI Hilary Green.

Green is a very well-constructed and strong character. She shines over the rest. But it also has secondary characters that are very individualized and don’t lack strength and personality, despite being new.

The plots are the classic kind. I started in the genre reading Agatha Christie and Rex Stout (the Nero Wolfe Novels). I find it difficult to bear all those novels nowadays where the plot plunges into the Italian mafia and, especially, the Russian and Japanese mafias. And I don’t like the drugs, weapons and other related subjects.

However! I’m not saying there aren’t good books of this kind, but I prefer the good classics even if they’re contemporary. I read as much European as American, but after so many years, I’ve learned to distinguish.

The American ones are characterized, mainly, though with some exceptions, by the easy shooting. In fact, I’ve stopped reading some authors because they only write about shootings and deaths. True carnages. The Europeans, though they carry a gun (except the British), don’t start shooting at the drop of a hat. And that is very welcomed.

In Murder By Fire, I found out who the murderer was at the very moment of the murder, and why it happens. If one guesses this, it’s also possible to know, among the characters of the novel, who it is. I won’t say anything else to not spoil the story. Maybe I’ve already given you too many clues. I hope not.

I very much recommend Murder By Fire, as all the novels by Faith Martin starring Hilary Green.

Though I still have to read some novels with this protagonist (there are 17, and this is the 10th one), I already know that, afterwards, there are more books by this author that are not part of this series. We’ll see.

Series:  Hillary Greene; 10

Previously published as:  A Narrow Point of View

Publisher:  Joffe Books
Year:  2018
ISBN 9781789310030

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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