Murder in Grub Street

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Murder in Grub Street

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Synopsis of Murder in Grub Street

The crime appeared as easily solved as it was wicked. A Grub Street printer, his family, and two apprentices brutally murdered in their sleep. A locked building. And at the scene, a raving mad poet brandishing a bloody axe. Surely the culprit had been found, and justice would be swift and severe.

But to Sir John Fielding, justice was more than finding a culprit-it was finding the truth. Aided by thirteen-year-old Jeremy Proctor, Fielding decided to investigate further. And the truth behind the Grub Street massacre was more evil-and more deadly-than the dastardly crime itself.

Murder in Grub Street – Bruce Alexander review

Very well written. Narrated in first person by Jeremy Proctor, the foster kid of a judge who helps him in his investigations, reminiscent in language and style of Robinson Crusoe.

The setting is very well constructed, the characters are solid and the plot is good and well-developed. A classic murder.

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Series:  Sir John Fielding; 2

Publisher: Berkeley Books, Plaza y Janés
Year 1996
ISBN 9780425155509

Language: English
Format: Print

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