Murder In The Garden

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Synopsis of Murder In The Garden

Edward Philpott is found bludgeoned to death with his own spade in his beautiful garden. He lived with his daughter Rachel and his two grandchildren.

Hillary’s only lead is a rival from the village flower show who used to argue with the victim about the size of their vegetables. But what dark secrets from the past and present does this village hold?

Hillary has returned to work after the slaying of her boss and is desperate to track down his murderer. His pregnant widow is even more determined to get revenge, but will she go too far?

Can Hillary cope with two complex investigations full of extreme emotions, one of which is very close to home?

Synopsis of Murder In The Garden taken from Amazon

Series:  Hillary Greene; 9

Previously published as:  Across the Narrow Blue Line

Publisher:  Joffe Books
Year:  2018
ISBN 9781912106264

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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