Murder In The Meadow

Murder In The Meadow

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Synopsis of Murder in the Meadow

Wayne Sutton is found dead by a stream in a beautiful meadow. His head has been bashed in and a red paper heart left on his body. The handsome young artist had a reputation as a ladies’ man.

DI Hillary Greene discovers that many wealthy married women were buying his paintings and taking ‘private’ art lesson from him. It appears that several of them might have wanted him dead.

Hillary also has a new detective sergeant, Gemma Fordham. Seemingly efficient and pleasant, she harbours a secret agenda.

Can Hillary get to the bottom of a complex case involving jealousy, love, and cold-blooded murder?

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Series:  Hillary Greene; 7

Previously published as: Beside a Narrow Stream

Publisher: Joffe Books
Year 2018
ISBN 9781912106417

Language: English
Format: eBook

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