My First Murder

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of My First Murder

Twenty-three-year-old law student Maria Kallio is recruited for a temporary position at the Helsinki police department.

Sweet-faced but tough and hot-tempered, Maria faces pushback from her new squad – so when a young playboy is murdered at his family’s summer villa, the new detective is out to prove herself.

Found floating facedown at the water’s edge after a night of partying, Tommi Pelatonen appears to have been murdered by one of his closest friends – but why?

As Maria discovers, bitter passion and jealousy seethe under the placid surface of the group’s privileged, carefree lifestyle.

As Maria uncovers the victim’s unsavory secrets, motives for all seven suspects come to light. Now it’s up to her to untangle the clues before the killer strikes again.

The first book in Leena Lehtolainen’s international bestselling Nordic crime series starring Detective Maria Kallio, “My First Murder” serves up murder with a slice of life in the Finnish upper crust.

Synopsis taken from Amazon

My opinion

Normal but interesting. It’s the first in the series starring Maria Kallio.

The characters… very Nordic, in the sense that they are quite depressing.

The protagonist is not really sure if she wants to remain in the police; she studies Law, so she left the force, and now she’s substituting someone.

Let’s see the next ones.

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Series:  Maria Kallio; 1

Publisher: AmazonCrossing
ISBN 9781611093452
Original title: Ensimmäinen murhani

Language: English
Format: eBook

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