Night Prey

Night Prey

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Synopsis of Night Prey

He was the best at what he did. A chameleon, invisible… uncatchable. For how could you catch an invisible man?

After a two-year break, Lucas Davenport is back on the force and his first job is dealing with state investigator Meagan Connell.

Determined to prove a link between a series of particularly brutal attacks on women, Meagan is struggling to be taken seriously.

The cops are wary of her, the public thinks she’s too political, the feminists thinks she’s sold out.

But the more Lucas looks into it, the more he realises that Meagan is right to fear the worst.

Somewhere out there, spying on his unknowing victims at their most intimate moments, lurks a killer of unusual skill and savagery – and he’s only just getting warmed up…

Synopsis of Night Prey taken from Amazon

  • Spanish
Series: Lucas Davenport; 6

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Year published: 2019

Language: English
Format: Ebook

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