Not Quite Dead Enough

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Not Quite Dead Enough

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Syopsis of Not Quite Dead Enough

The story, on this occasion, takes place during World War II. Archie has joined the Army and is now Major Goodwin, working for the intelligence department.

At the Pentagon, taking advantage of his relationship with Nero Wolfe, he is sent to New York to propose to Wolfe to join the department. They would work both as always and from home.

Wolfe refuses because he wants to join the army but as a soldier to fight in the front. For this, a regime has begun, both for food and exercise, to get in shape.

Then, Lily Rowan, the eternal “best friend” of Archie, asks him to help a friend of hers with a problem. When this friend appears dead, Archie decides to put some evidence in the body to be charged and Wolfe is forced to get him out of trouble.

The trick works and Wolfe has to get to work again to solve the murder, and once he has returned to his routine, the issue of becoming a soldier is completely forgotten.

Syopsis of Not Quite Dead Enough based on:

Series:  Nero Wolfe; 10

Publisher:  Bantam
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307756077

Language:  English


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