Omit Flowers

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Three Doors to Death

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Synopsis of Omit Flowers

In Omit Flowers, Marko Vuckic, the best and oldest friend of Nero Wolfe, asks him to solve a murder case of which Virgil Pompa has been blamed, since he is convinced that he is innocent.

Pompa is a former chef for whom Marko worked in Paris, but he was now the director of a fast food restaurant chain, called Ambrosía, founded by H.R. Landy

When Landy dies, his widow inherits the business and Pompa, who was Landy’s second, takes over. Then, the widow marries the public relations of the chain, Floyd Whitten, and decides to put him at the head of the business. To do so, Whitten must learn everything about how to run a restaurant and his wife makes a list of everything Pompa should teach him.

One of the things on the list is the purchase of cutlery. Pompa goes to the Whitten house with a briefcase full of cutlery, among which are numerous knives of all kinds. When the lesson ends Whitten and Pompa argue hotly about changes that the former wants to make in the management of several of the restaurants.

Pompa resigns and leaves the room with the intention of leaving the house, but Mrs. Whitten follows him and tries to convince him not to resign and wait a year to retire, once he has trained Floyd. While they are talking they hear a noise in one of the rooms of the house that, theoretically, is deserted except for them three. Upon entering the room they meet the two daughters and the two sons that Mrs. Whitten had with Landy. While they explain their presence in the house to their mother, Pompa decides to leave.

Shortly after the mother, one of her sons and her son-in-law go up to look for Whitten and find him dead with a knife stuck in his back.

The police accuse Pompa of the murder and imprison him. Now Wolfe must prove his innocence.

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Series:  Nero Wolfe; 16.2

Incluido en:  Three Doors to Death

Publisher:  Crimeline
Year:  2010
ISBN 9780307756169

Language:  English


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