Out of Thin Air

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Sinopsis de Out of Thin Air

A True Story of Impossible Murder in Iceland

In 1974, two men vanished without a trace under suspicious circumstances, shocking the people of Iceland, where serious crime is almost nonexistent. More than a year later, there seemed to be a breakthrough when a small-time crook named Erla Bolladottir described a dream to police that they interpreted as a sign of trauma related to the men’s disappearance.

After lengthy interrogations, investigations, and courtroom dramas, Erla and five acquaintances confessed to killing both men and were given prison sentences ranging from three years to life. But over the years, the case against the convicted six began to disintegrate, and one major question remained unanswered: Why had they all confessed to murder if they hadn’t done it?

Sinopsis de Out of Thin Air, by Anthony Adeane, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Post Hill Press
Year:  2018
ISBN 9781642931259

Language:  English
Format:  eBook

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