Passenger 23

Also available in: Spanish

4 / 5. Votos: 1

Synopsis of Passenger 23

A gripping psychological thriller set on high seas. A transatlantic crossing that becomes a nightmare.

With no police to investigate and no escape, could it be the perfect setting for a crime?

Martin Schwartz (Beesley) is an undercover detective who is recovering from his wife and sons’ bizarre disappearance from a cruise ship 5 years ago. He is a desperate man willing to take big risks. Martin never wanted to step onto a cruise ship again until he receives a call which can’t be ignored.

On average, 23 people per year disappear without a trace from cruise ships. Never before has someone come back… until now.

Please note: This title contains explicit language.

Synopsis of Passenger 23, by Sebastian Fitzek, taken from Amazon

Publisher:  Audible
Year:  2015

Original title:  Passagier 23

Language:  English
Format:  Audiolibro


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