Prime Time Suspect

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Synopsis of Prime Time Suspect

In this new installment in the Petra Delicado series, Alicia Giménez-Bartlett proves once more why she was named the best female writer in Spain, and gives further evidence for the success of this series both in her native country and abroad.

A detested television journalist who specialized in muckraking has been murdered. And it looks like the work of a professional killer. When the detectives who began the investigation are reassigned to another celebrity murder, the case is handed to Inspector Petra Delicado and Sergeant Fermin Garzón. But the two murders may be more closely linked than they seem. And before long Delicado and Garzón find themselves drawn into the world of show business and high society. There, public and private lives meet in an explosive and deadly mix and belligerent celebrities can sometimes get away with murder.

Hardnosed Inspector Delicado and sentimental Sergeant Garzón prove themselves to be as endearing as ever. Meanwhile they shuttle between Barcelona and Madrid on the trail of the hit man and his employer. Their personal lives becoming more entangled with every airport and hotel bar. As the heat, the body count, and the frequent flyer miles all increase, the Inspector and her sidekick will have to remind themselves that work and pleasure just don’t mix.

Series:  Petra Delicado; 4

Publisher:  Europa Editions
Year:  2007
ISBN 9781933372310
Original title:  Muertos de papel

Language:  English
Format:  Print

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