Run Rabbit Run

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Synopsis of Run Rabbit Run

In Run Rabbit Run, Kett has always been the hunter. He is about to become the prey.

For years, DCI Robert Kett has tracked down the country’s most dangerous kidnappers and serial killers, earning a reputation as the best man to call to catch the worst men.

The tables are about to turn.

When somebody starts brutally murdering the people that Kett has put behind bars—and the ones that he wasn’t able to catch—it seems as if there is a vigilante on the loose.

Tasked with keeping one of these criminals alive, Kett starts to understand that something far more dangerous is going on.

Because this killer isn’t just coming after the bad guys.

He’s coming after Kett, too.

Synopsis of the book, by Alex Smith, taken from Amazon

Series:  Robert Kett; 5

Publisher:  Relentless Media
Year:  2020

Language:  English
Format:  eBook


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