Scatter Her Ashes

Also available in: Spanish

Synopsis of Scatter Her Ashes

In Scatter Her Ashes, disgraced, damaged former police officer Thorkild Aske has stopped taking his painkillers after his last experience searching for the missing in northern Norway.

Wracked by withdrawal and desperate for work, he reluctantly agrees to investigate the disappearance of two schoolgirls for bestselling crime writer Milla Lind – but he soon discovers that Lind’s interest in the case is not, as she claims, simply research for her latest novel.

When Thorkild discovers that her previous investigator was murdered on the job, no-one will explain why. All he has to go on are files about unrelated cases from all across Norway. Oh, and his ex-wife wants to talk. What could possibly go wrong?

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As good as the previous one. I was already anticipating something in the review of that one.

The character continues to improve, character-wise, unrelated to his inner or outer life. Saved, again, from death from what doctors consider a suicide attempt, but from my point of view it was involuntary. Simply, after a period of abstinence, he had too much to drink and too many pills.

In this novel, he faces a common front with his staunch enemy and former boss, Gunnar Ore, and, though they don’t really get along, Thorkild saves his life and, along with Gunnar, though they still can’t stand each other, they do their best to solve the case. If I say the reason, I’ll reveal a lot of the plot so I won’t.

The sense of humor is still present, at least the protagonist’s. And it’s very refreshing.

I’ll keep reading them because, for now, they’re worth it.

Highly recommended.

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Series:  Thorkild Aske; 2

Publisher: Raven Books
Year 2020
Original title: Møt meg i paradis

Language: English
Format: eBook

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