See Jack Die

See Jack Die

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Synopsis of See Jack Die

Jack Pagan may well be four and a half months old.

He woke up in a hospital after suffering a head injury that left him dead for sixty-seven minutes and destroyed all his memories.

But his flirtation with death also gave him a special gift. As he falls asleep every night, and wakes up in the morning, he sees them.

At first, they were just long shadows in strange silhouettes. Jack thought he was suffering from hallucinations, that the medication was playing tricks on him.

Then, the shadows began to hover around him. Jack attributed it to a brain tumor, a degenerative disease, or even schizophrenia.

A rational explanation to live with.

But now the creatures are not only stalking him at night; they are also following him during the day. And they tend to appear near people who are about to die.

Looking for help, he visits a medium who gives him a very special book. A book he was destined to find.

Jack discovers that the only way to find out who he was before his accident is to face his worst fears and die… again.

In a series of incredible twists, Jack discovers that the world of the living and the world of the dead are much closer than we imagine. And the monsters… are real.

Synopsis of See Jack Die, by Nicholas Black, taken from the book and translated from the Spanish version

  • Spanish
Series: Ved morir a Jack; 1

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Year published: 2016
ISBN 9781523204328

Language: English
Format: Print

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