Sense and sensibility

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‘I am never to busy to think of S. & S. I can no more forget it than a mother can forget her sucking child’. So wrote Jane Austen to her sistern in April 1811, while the sheets of the first edition were coming off the press. Disappointed in her first two attempt to publish a novel. Jane Austen had turned to a work which she had started many years erlier, ‘Elinor and Marianne’. This story was renamed ‘Sense and sensibility’, and was the first of her novels to be published. While the story centres on the personalities of the two sisters, whose contrasting temperaments are examined as they undergo coomparable experiences in the loss of the men they love, it rejoices also in a wealth of minor characters and incidents, described with Jane Austen’s typical witty insight and humour.

Publisher:  Oxford University Press
Year:  1984
ISBN 192815016
Original title:  Sense and sensibiliy

Language:  English


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